Instagram plays a great role in our lives today and we know how to make your Instagram photos and stories cool. This video is full of incredible tips on how to make Insta stories much more interesting and increase the number of followers. You will learn how to make ombre text effect, how to make a collage in photos, how to make a collage with png files, how to hide a hashtag, how to make a text with shadow and a lot more! Let’s make an ombre text effect together! It will take a bit of practice but it’s not difficult at all. First of all, write a text you need, select all and hold your right index finger on the purple color. Hold your left index finger on the text cursor and slide left. Your letters will immediately change colors. One more cool function to try is how to make a collage in your Instagram stories. To add multiple photos to make a background in stories and open camera roll, click on the photo and click the share icon. Next, you need to click copy and add sticker in stories. Enjoy! Check out one more cool idea is how to make a hidden mention in stories. We know how to easily make a text with a drop shadow effect in stories. Write any message in stories. Copy the text and choose another color. And finally drag this text on top of the first text, but slightly off-center. We know an easy way to change the background of the Insta story. Check out the step by step tutorial! Another helpful tip is how to make a custom cover for highlights.

00:17 Rainbow letters in stories
00:38 Collage from pictures
02:50 How to make moving stories background
04:11 DIY Cover for highlights
06:32 How to make cool pics