Check out insanely useful iPhone tips you should learn immediately: – You can use your iPhone as a scanner. This handy function is hidden inside the Notes App. Firstly, launch Notes app, create a note and tap the more button (+ symbol) above the keyboard. Tap scan document – You can set your music to turn off on a timer. This function is very helpful is you usually fall asleep listening to music. Go to the clock, than timer set the duration. Tap Radar and choose to stop playing – You can use your phone as a magnifier. Open settings and tap general, then accessibility. Tap Magnifier – If you need a scientific calculator, turn the calculator sideways – Delete last digits inputted with swiping across with the calculator – Sometimes we are doing something around the home and it’s so hard to type with both hands. Switch your keyboard to thumb mode. Check our tutorial! – You can electronically sign documents from your email. Firstly, open the document and tap toolbox icon and tap ‘’Signature’’. Sign the document using your finger and tap ‘’Done’’ Do you have a friend who is always staring at the phone screen? We share a funny video about peoples who are obsessed with their phones. Everybody has a friend who makes photos of every food he or she eats and it’s a very annoying situation. You want to talk with your friend or even to eat instead you help with a photo session for Instagram. Ugh! Another embarrassing situation is when somebody is calling but you can’t find your phone in a bag. Girls, how often you have this situation? 😊 Find more funny moments in our video!

00:09 Brilliant iPhone tips
01:36 Sign documents on iPhone
05:19 Awkward phone moments
05:47 Low battery nightmare
08:18 Hilarious way to eat healthy food

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